Real Estate Investing Mastery for Busy People

Build wealth in passive real estate deals in just a couple of hours per week without taking on a ton of risk.

Real-Life Experience: Learn from a Seasoned Investor

Our Real Estate Mastery program is led by Chris Kennedy, a speaker who brings over 14 years of hands-on experience as a successful real estate investor. His company has flourished, managing a diverse portfolio of real estate investments valued at over $170 million in the thriving South Florida market.

Master Property Management Fundamentals

Property management is the backbone of any successful real estate investment. In our Real Estate Mastery program, Chris focuses on teaching you the basics of property management, a vital skill for long-term profitability and sustainable growth.

Insider Knowledge: Gain Exclusive Market Insights

Chris’s extensive experience as a Real Estate investor provides you with an unparalleled advantage. With a finger on the pulse of the real estate market, he possesses insider knowledge and a deep understanding of market trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Reputation Matters: Learn from an expert with proven track record

Reputation speaks volumes. Chris  and his team have built one of top property management companies in South Florida, managing about 800 residential units. 

“Real estate investing is not just about buying and selling properties. It’s about mastering the art of property management, because that’s where true wealth lies. Join our Real Estate Mastery program and unlock the secrets to becoming a successful investor by mastering the key to long-term profitability.”

Chris Kennedy - real estate and property management coaching

“I started my real estate journey with a single foreclosed condo, and through the power of effective property management, I’ve built a portfolio worth over $30 million. Let me share my experience and strategies with you in our Real Estate Mastery program, and together, we’ll unlock your path to financial independence and success.”

“Working with Chris was a pleasure, As a title company, I work with many many, many, brokers and Chris was always available, knowledgeable and professional. We’ve had two very complicated closings together and I can’t say enough good things about his capabilities. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to sell or buy as he is one of a kind!”
“The owner Chris is helpful, hard working, and honest. He was always happy to answer all my questions and provide his honest opinions. As a first time buyer, Chris met with me and showed me the properties and gave his opinion on the value as well as work that needs to be done with pricing. The application process to choose a great tenant, open houses, and cosmetic construction were all done by his team. Also, Mayfair has a great accounting system that shows all the breakdown of the rents and expenses, which is very easy to use and understand. My experience with Mayfair was a great one and l highly recommend working with them.”
“Chris has helped us for close to 8 years now, always providing the most updated information about what’s happening in the real estate market as well as finding great deals for us. He has been instrumental in our company’s and portfolio growth and because of his honesty and work ethic we will continue to work with him in the future. We will highly recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in investing in real estate.”

Why join this webinar?

  1. Comprehensive Expertise: Our Real Estate Mastery program offers a comprehensive curriculum taught by a seasoned investor with over a decade of experience. Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies that cover all aspects of real estate investment and property management.

  2. Proven Success: Learn from a successful investor who manages a portfolio valued at over $170 million in the highly competitive South Florida market. Benefit from Chris’s proven track record, ensuring you’re equipped with the insights and techniques that lead to tangible results.

  3. Practical Application: Our webinar focuses on property management fundamentals, a critical component of real estate investing success. Gain the skills and know-how to effectively handle tenants, optimize rental income, and mitigate risks, setting yourself up for long-term profitability and growth.

While there are numerous real estate courses, this webinar fills a unique gap. It reveals the art of growing your investments through masterful property management.

Chris Kennedy real estate and property management coach

Chris started in real estate in 2009 when he bought his first rental property for $18K with their personal savings. With no real estate experience and little money left over, Chris took on management of the property himself around his full time printing business. 

In 2012, with a few more rentals under his belt, and his recently found interest in real estate investing, Chris obtained his real estate license and launched Mayfair Real Estate LLC, a real estate brokerage specializing in investment real estate sales and management.

Today, Chris and his team manage a portfolio of more than 700 rental units. His company has flourished, managing a diverse portfolio of real estate investments valued at over $170 million in multifamily and residential investment properties in the South Florida market. Chris has a passion for helping others to succeed in real estate because it has made a huge impact in his own life. 


Discover his journey from 0 to 700+ units, gaining invaluable insights from his years of experience in property management.

Are you a rental property owner or real estate enthusiast eager to boost your profitability? Your journey begins here!

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Chris founded and runs one of the most successful property management firms in South Florida