Invest just one day of your time and save years of wasted effort and tens of thousands of dollars doing things the wrong way!

Gain total Confidence Operating Rental Properties

I want to join the Property Management Mastery 1 Day Workshop

For Active & Passive Real Estate Investors

Part 1: How to Market & Lease Rental Properties at Lightning Speed
Part 2: How to Screen Rental Applicants so that you Avoid Nightmare Tenants
Part 3: Be a Boss with Lease Enforcement, Collections & Evictions
Part 4: Maintaining Occupancy through Service & Renewals
Part 5: Renovating & Improving Properties to Maximize Income
Part 6: Guaranteed Rent with Government Subsidized Tenants

The ONLY WAY to be a truly PASSIVE real estate investor is by understanding the property management life cycle.

The ONLY WAY for you to scale a consistently profitable rental portfolio is by understanding how property management affects the value of your assets.

The ONLY WAY to successfully hire and manage a property manager, is by understanding property management systems & processes.

1 Hour Guarantee…

If within the first hour of the workshop you think you're not getting any value, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked